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Reducing our carbon footprint – and saving money

Did you know that Hadstock is Carbon Footprint poor?

We’ve started comparing Hadstock with other villages across Uttlesford; we’re not as good as we should be in our Domestic Energy Consumption (EPC) scores or our IMPACT Carbon Footprint.

The good news is that this project can make a substantial improvement on both these measures.

Our plan is to help us all identify where we can make our homes more energy efficient – to reduce our carbon footprint, have warmer homes, reduce our energy bills.

How we will help:

  • Providing a number of free domestic energy surveys
  • Making available a thermal camera for your own house survey
  • Organising a ‘Myth Buster’ Open Day – with experts and suppliers
  • Holding talks on hot topics – such as listed building solutions

We need your help in providing the information and support that you need.

Please complete the Village Sustainable Survey in July and we will present your feedback and how the programme has been modified from September.


  • Ian Jennings
  • Peter Jarritt
  • Brendan Burchell

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